Guest Blogger: Stephanie of Un Petite Squab

finished-embroidery02 Hello there! My name is Stephanie, and I regularly blog over at where I often post things related to needlecraftiness like knitting patterns, sewing tutorials, etc. Today I have created this guest post for Jess here at Milky Robot, and I couldn't be more excited about it. As soon as I found her blog I was in love! Such thoughtful writing by a beautiful woman who is also a feminist and into yarny things and oh my goodness have you seen her puppy? So dang cute. What I have made up for all of you lovely Milky Robot readers today are a few embroidery patterns, which are all about self love and fat acceptance. These are totally free for you to download and use in whatever creative needle art fashion you can think of. They are available in PDF and high res JPEG forms, so you can resize them to suit your needs. If you make a project with them, I encourage you to link back to this post and let me or Jess know about it! I know I would love to see your creations. Self Love/Fat Acceptance EmbroideryDownload: PDF | JPEG Self Love/Fat Acceptance Embroidery Download: PDF | JPEG When I first discovered that there was a fat acceptance movement (thank you Internet!) I was stoked. I was immediately on board with the ideas behind the movement, because it lines up so perfectly with things I had contemplated and felt for a long time without necessarily understanding how to vocalize--that everyone is a worthwhile person, and one's body size or personal appearance has nothing to do with their worth. And while I feel that individual worth isn't based in body size, I also think that fat bodies, like all bodies, are something worth celebrating! And of course, I don't think fat is a nasty or bad or mean word, but one that describes a specific body type: a perfectly awesome one. finished-embroidery03 So pick up that needle and thread, and tell the world one stitch at a time that you love fat babes, you love yourself, and that there ain't no damn diet talk allowed in your house. finished-embroidery01