Have you checked my campaign yet?

You will be hearing me talk about this all through July, so you might as well go take a look! (grin). If you haven't heard of my campaign, let me tell you!

I'm trying to raise some funds to help buy supplies to get my plush making back up and going. Some are familiar with my plush and patterns I sell on Ravelry (sometimes on Etsy). I make monsters! All of my monsters are different and unique. They are smaller than your average amigurumi standing around 4"-7" tall.

What will the funds cover? Yarn mainly, as well hooks/needles, custom made logo and packaging/shipping supplies. All just supplies! Anything over my goal will go towards advertising my plush and shop, possibly a new tablet as well for craft shows and selling at my tables. The supplies bought will also help me make samples I need for a book I am working on *gasp*. I have yet to send in my proposal, so don't get too excited just yet. I am finally working hard at getting my book together and need to start working on samples to send a long.

I need your help, my followers and fans to help spread the word on this campaign and help fund it! I have some awesome rewards including my gnarly plush toys!

Be sure to check out my Indiegogo campaign if you haven't yet! Spread the word and help me reach my goal! 


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