Herbs & Oskar

Over the weekend we picked up two new herbs... our first herb plants really. I'm hooked! I just adore these two plants, everytime I look outside I smile. We have flowers out there and other potted plants, but these two are my favorite. The left is a Hot Jalapeno and the right is Chocolate Mint. The Chocolate Mint smells like a peppermint patty, it's such a strange scent for a plant since you really can smell a hint of chocolate. I figure this would be amazing in tea or iced coffee.

Our flowers have been growing strong for months now. Our yellow daisies took a dump but I think my husband is determined to get them back again. We added some flower seeds to some other plants and I'm anxious for those to pop up in a while.

I decided to make a 5 year goal. I rarely make long term goals, but this one suited us perfectly. Within 5 years we want to buy another house. Some remember hearing that we had to walk from our mortgage in March due to being so underwater it was useless for us to stay since the two story town home was only 780 sq ft. and falling apart left and right. We made the right choice though, we are much happier now even if it is an apartment. So within 5 years I want to buy another house, one we would stay in for years and years to come. I want a yard so I can do a huge above ground garden and a chicken coop. I thought it would be so much fun for Zoƫ to help feed and care for the chickens, also to pick eggs (even though I won't eat them, I've never been an egg person). The house would need to have at least 3-4 bedrooms, I need my studio badly! I think this goal is easily reachable and it gives me something to look forward to and save for. Out here homes are CHEAP, even in the nicest of neighborhoods. One plus about living in Arizona.

Not sure why I went on a huge rant about housing. I got up at 5am with Oskar so I'm a bit fogged. Lately his wake up call has been around that time. Then he is at full hyper mode till he passes out for a morning nap. The rest of the day is pretty lazy for him. He is either on or off, not much in between unless he getting sleepy, then he is super sweet. He will be 13 weeks on Friday and a week behind for his 2nd shot series, so he is going in on Friday as well for that.

Also, Friday is my birthday! The big 30 is creeping up on me fast, I have 3 more days to hold on to 29 haha!

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