I'm 30!

I never thought in a million years (or thirty) that I would say the words "I'm 30". I woke up to no wrinkles, no fine lines and no gray coming in... I think I will wear 30 well. I plan to make the next 30 years my best ever. Started my first day being 30 by launching my Indiegogo campaign (check it here) and I hope it does well. I have 40 days to reach my goal!

Trying to practice PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) starting now. I have been in the worst moods lately and I feel like life keeps snowballing lemons at my face. So starting today, I want to change my attitude for the better. I picked up the PMA issue of The Radical Uprising a while back and only read like half of it, so I picked that back up to read. It's really good!

5 Things the made today awesome

  1. launching my Indiegogo
  2. finding out turning 30 isn't as scary as some make it to believe
  3. lots of Oskar snuggles
  4. being able to update my IG so I can do video, pure love
  5. making toast with the strawberry jam my mom made... it's so good

1 comment:

  1. Happiest of Birthdays, Jess! 30 isn't so bad. :)