I tried to stick with the photo a day, but failed miserably. So it was more like photo a day... for two days. I've just been so busy and forget about it. Oop's! I did try something new to me and it was amazing! Justin's Nut Butter... holy crap it's good! I picked up the only two kinds of packets they had at my store, which was Honey Peanut Butter and Maple Almond Butter. I only tried the peanut butter so far and it's amaze-balls!

So I'm going to be giving the blog a little makeover here soon and that means I will be dropping several ad's to the right. I love you all, but I want to lighten up the blog more and move them into a blog roll list up at the top, then I will keep my personal daily blog reads to the right. I'm not doing sponsor spots anymore, so most are from ad swaps and such. 


  1. I see these little packets at the store and Ive always wanted to try them... but Im kind of afraid that I love them!

  2. Just wanted to mention I found your blog through Allison! I LOOOVE Justin's nut butters!! I had a chocolate almond packet once and it was amazzzzzing.

    <3 Kelsey
    Be Like The Fox