PMA and what it is

I recently started talking about PMA on the blog here. Yesterday was the first day I really worked hard at staying positive and you know what? I had a great day! There was some tests during the day with my frustration and I was surprised I moved right past them and kept my chin up. One incident was Z tipping over a bowl of cheese balls all over the couch and crushing them into the cushions.. ya. Before I got super frustrated, I stopped and asked myself these three questions and answered them:

  1. How is this going to effect my day? It won't, I will forget about it after it's cleaned up.
  2. Will this effect me in an hour, tomorrow or a week from now? Nope, it's nothing that will change my life.
  3. Is this event worth the frustration? Nope again! It's just a spill that was an accident. Sucks to clean up, but it's nothing permanent.
The questions sound dumb I'm sure, but being stressed, frustrated and blah a lot lately, these questions were really important really. It made me realize that since this small bump in the day will not effect my life in any way. It's not worth getting upset over and for sure not worth ruing the rest of my day or setting the mood for the day.

I came across this line in The Radical Uprise's zine issue #022:

So what exactly is PMA? First off, it stands for Positive Mental Attitude. Not sure how to explain it exactly, but it's basically taking your negative feelings and turning them positive. Like when you get frustrated, angry or upset. So say like your having a bad morning and your late for work. Your most likely upset and frustrated that your late. When you think about it though, it doesn't have to ruin your day if you don't let it. Just stop and think why is this upsetting you, is it worth having a bad day? Most of the time, a glitch in the day can lead to many bad moments in the day. So staying positive can lead to a positive day if you let it. I strongly believe that one minor bump in your day can lead to a day full of frustration that could have been stopped the first time it came up, it happens to me ALL the time!

I'm going to keep practicing PMA and see how my week goes. I can say that the past few weeks have been very frustrating and yesterday was the best in a long time.

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