Social Tofu

I don't open up deeply very often on the blog, I may skim the top but I don't go any further. When I think back to growing up, 9th grade sparked a changing moment in my life. It was when I lost track of who I was. I would often morph into the wall at the parties, be the third wheel on purpose so I don't have to be alone. I was very socially awkward and lost track of myself and who I truely was.

There are only very few things I can grasp on to and know that I poured all of myself into and are uniquely me...

plush art 
sewing, knitting and crochet
➂ sketches

I used to paint for years and years, but stopped. I have thought about picking it back up again but still haven't. My hands tend to get very shaky and painting started to frustrate me so I stopped. My plush work now is my canvas and I haven't done that in a while as well. I have many designs, but I just haven't had a moment to work them up.

I also know I have several real goals. Once day I would like to knock at least one off the list and that is to get my plush patterns published in a book. One day I will hit this goal, not sure when but I will. 

This post has kind of been a mush of whats in my head,
so I apologize in advance for it's randomness.

I'm hoping I can find myself soon...


  1. Your crochet work is so wonderful I think you could find someone to publish something almost immediately. I'm not just saying that. I double as a bookseller and have seen a LOT less inspiring, unique and beautiful work in many many books already published. And I will continue to. Maybe contact someone like Chronicle Books to see what they think? Head up lady, I'd put money down that there are a lot of people out there that wish they had your varied talents. Feel free to drop me a private message if you want to hash anything out or vent to someone who doesn't know anyone you know. Busy finding myself again too... but always time for others. xx

    1. Aww thanks for your comment. :) I'm hoping to get something done, I think I just need to push myself more and focus solely on my plush work. I love my plush, just so busy working on faces I just can't get any made. Can't find your email, so if you want to email me you can :) <3

  2. I go through this sometimes. it's easier to make a list of small goals: vague and specific. just make it a thing to complete something and eventually you'll get back into it! Work on parts to get your plush pat terns into a book. :D

    1. I actually decided to take a huge plunge and jump back into my plush work! :D AND... I'm working on my proposal for a book, I have 3 publishers in mind and will be sending to them one at a time. I have a Kickstarter campaign launching on the 1st to help fund new supplies for my plush and getting my shop back up and running. :) :)