Tea, how do you drink yours?

So this may come off as a big surprise, but I really haven't had any tea. I mean I've had and love chai, I've also had your basic iced tea like at Starbucks and home brew tea. But I'm wanting to try more tea's (like Davids Tea is one) and I'm totally lost on how to "drink it"... if that makes sense? I like iced tea's only, so I would love some idea's on how you drink your tea!

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  1. I left a huge comment on your facebook, but I'll post here that both Teavana and Hillbilly Tea are my two favorite places.

    Hillbilly really knows their tea as their owner is consistently between China and US. Karter is AWESOME!

  2. I'm technically a southern girl (I live 30 miles south of the mason dixon line, haha) so I drink super strong black tea, cold with simple syrup as a sweetener. Super basic sweet tea. I've used the cold brew method the past two years bc it's easier with a toddler. Lipton makes cold brew bags that you just brew in a pitcher with ice for five minutes up to an hour (I do the hour)
    I also drink a mix of green tea and mint as my hot tea, I use the simple syrup or honey as the sweetener. It's amazing tasting, makes my throat all tingly and has no caffeine.
    In all realty I would really drink any tea (except lavender, I hate lavender) I have an entire cabinet full of different teas and spices to mix with them. I LOVE tea!

  3. I recently got into tea about two years ago and I am hooked. Teavana is ok, but I really like DavidsTea. David has a "the perfect tea mug" which is my favorite thing to drink my tea out of.

    I use honey or vanilla syrup to sweet my teas. I usually steep my tea in hot water, but some teas like chai, matcha, fruity flavors I will actually steep in a hot milk.

  4. Teavana is great but can be pretty pricey. A cheap green tea from there that is my favorite is the blackberry mojito! It's tasty and pretty.