Zombie Milk, another blog

I decided to move my vegetarian/vegan stuff into another blog. I saw I was loosing some followers on my blog here and on my instagram. Most seem to think I am trying to diet and loose weight, I am NOT. I am simply trying to change my way of life to an animal free one. I know plenty of fat vegans and vegetarians, they are out there! So, if you would like to follow my other blog I started that is just for my change, you can!
The blog is called Zombie Milk (don't ask, the name just came to me one day, I'm weird). You can check it out here. The link is http://zombie-milk.blogspot.com (don't forget the dash!)

I will still check in here from time to time with vegan things and such, since this is my main blog. But for the most part I will try to keep it separate. I don't want anything to come off as a trigger for my loyal readers on Milky Robot at all. I know I have been triggered before in the past when I read fat blogs and they start rambling about health food and such, even though there are plenty of non-healthy vegan food.

I haven't posted any Oskar lately! What is wrong with me?! Have you seen how big this little guy is getting. He has been such a great guy.. other than the feet chasing, nipping and crazy running. His housebreaking is going completely well! We only have an accident in the house if the patio door is closed (ZoĆ« likes to close it from time to time >_<) and we don't see him at the door waiting. But thats it! I am going to start bell training him so he can alert us when he needs to go out so we can keep the door closed, it's getting HOT here in Arizona. We hit 112° the other day and even though we keep the door just cracked enough for him to fit, you can feel it in the house. But he has just been super! Him and the cat even get along now. He has been acting like my watch dog when Elvis gets close to the patio door and tries to sneak out. If I say "go get Elvis!", he will charge the cat and heard him away from the door! It's so funny, they play a lot during the day though and I can tell they will be great friends.


  1. Do you follow Beth (hellobesu) on pinterest? She has a TON of vegan pins and they are all organized really well. Plus, she loves to bake so there are lots of sweets recipes.

    I can't believe someone would unfollow you because you are changing your eating habits. People are idiots.

    1. No! I'll check her out on there. I've been following Beth's IG like crazy lol! Ya I lost 12 followers on IG since I started posting juicing pictures. It's dumb.

    2. Because eating lots of fruit automatically means you are dieting. :headsmack:

    3. Basically :P Same with wanting to go vegan. Doesn't make sense to me. :P

  2. Yay! I'm excited to read more on your new blog. I'm trying to convert back to a vegetarian/vegan diet. I was a vegetarian for almost six years, and a vegan for one, and I found being vegan was the best for my body and I loved it. It's just tough to do in college, but I try to eat as vegan/vegetarian as possible when I can.