I'm still here...

I'm here, kind of. I know my blog has cob webs and I plan to get back on track with blogging again soon. I'm just working on me right now, so I decided to take some time away from my blog. I have a stack of work piling up on top of some personal projects (knitting and sewing) that I'm trying to work on as well. The campaign for my Indigogo ends today and I will be working on rewards in August as well as the next few months! So I will be busy!

I have been avoiding my blog, at first it wasn't intentional but lately it has been true, I've been avoiding it. After turning 30 I really did some thinking about how I want to live the next 30 years and I want to try going down a different path with my health. Also the vacation I took recently to Montana, really hit me hard.

As my life changes, my blog changes with me. I will not be talking about my health stuff on here. I do not want anything I talk about to trigger anyone I know, love and follow. Being fat, I know what triggers me once in a while. I also truly believe that you can be body positive and still love your body no matter what you do. It's your body, you can do what you want with it. What I do not like is when I see someone trying to loose weight and bash their body in the process. That in unhealthy and only going to make you hate yourself more and more. Whether you stay fluffy and gorgeous or decide to go own in size and still gorgeous, you should embrace your curves, chub and double chin in the process. Seeing how your body changes is an amazing thing no matter what route you go down. Enjoy your body at all stages and just be happy! <3

I will be back to blogging again soon, I just need some time to focus and get things together. (and yes, this post is a hot mess, but I needed to get it off my chest)


  1. It would be silly to expect anyone to stay the same over the long term. Take care of yourself, OK? :)

  2. Always here for you, ladycakes!

  3. Work on you, girl! We all have our times when our blogs collect a little dust (which mine is right now. Working 40 hours a week is killing me) and sometimes it's for the best. :)

  4. It's your blog, so write about whatever the frak you want. The readers will follow -- and if not? Did you really want them in the first place?