Sock Knitting

So I mentioned the other day that I taught myself to do two socks at once and I wanted to do a mini sock update haha! I'm loving the two-at-a-time socks even more now that I swapped out my needles. I started out on Knit Picks 40"size 2 and thought it was going well but I soon learned after a few rows that I hated those needles. The cable got super bent up, more so than I have ever seen. Yes, I could have dipped them in hot water to relax them, but the kinks would just pop back up again. Now, I love the Knit Picks 16" circs to death, I use those when knitting single socks two up using 2 circs. They are super flexible and bendy, plus really smooth. The 40" was still just as smooth and pointy, but the cable just seemed so different.

I hope this post isn't too all over the place, I'm heading out to grab my Starbucks now and need it badly!

I swapped out my needle with an Addi Turbo Lace needle and the difference was night and day. Only thing I hate about this needle is the finish on the needles themselves, I've never been a fan. But I was desperate and my LYS didn't have 40" Addi Sock Rockets in stock, boo. I already ordered a pair but didn't want to wait for htem to arrive, so these will do for now. I'll most likely keep these socks on the Addi Lace needle though and start a second pair on the Sock Rockets.

Some people love the Knit Picks 40"circs, so I think it's just a personal preference. I suggest you try them out yourself to see if you like them, they are super cheap to. I think I paid less than $6 for them on Knit Picks site.

The yarn I'm using is also from Knit Picks! I normally never knit socks with their yarn, but this Spooky colorway was killing me and I am loving the colors! Striping yarn has never been my go-to yarn for socks since I'm one of the people that loves color pooling, it reminds me of tie dye. But this yarn is nice and fun! Also, this is the pointiest socks I have ever knit! I normally do a blunter tip on the toe, but since I was following a Youtube video on how this is done I ended up casting on 16 stitch per sock (8 sts on each needle per sock). Next time I will do 36 sts cast on (16 sts on each needle per sock). I'm a tight knitter and have big narrow feet so I almost always do a 72 stitch sock. I'm like 3 rounds away from being done with the toe's as well!

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