Coming back soon!

I've taken a LONG break. I stepped away for a while to refocus my life and find out what I'm really doing. I have been pretty lost for a while but recently started to find myself, it's been years since I could say that. I have been getting into Buddhism and it's practice. I have some wonderful "teachers" through social media and such. So, I am going to come back to the blog soon with a new look and new state of mind. I am still working on my health, but am stepping it down a bit to just being happy and eating healthy, listening to my body.

Some links I want to shout out that have been helping me lately:

  • Indie Spiritualist - Amazing blog and also someone who has been inspiring me is a guest blogger there named Kayla)
  • Dharma Punx - Started by the amazing Noah Levine. I'm just getting into his books, but have been following his teachings online and through MP3 talks. I also highly recommend his film Meditate and Destroy (it's on Netflix if you have that)!
  • Dharma Punx NYC - Run by Josh Korda, another amazing guy! He also blogs over here as well.
  • Buddhist Studies - I have been using this site as a base study, it has loads of great info and set up like a class.
(reference unknown, found on Pinterest with dead link)


  1. I'm glad your blogging again!
    Eating healthy and focusing on YOU is a priority, as women we forget to take care of ourselves sometimes. Make sure to take some JESS time occasionally it is important.

  2. Found the source for you, maybe bis Tumblr has other interesting things?

  3. Pleased your back and feeling centred :)