Monster Design

I've been working on a slightly new monster design, just a few tweaks actually. I have been adding and changing some new things on my current monster pattern and working up a prototype of this new design. He mostly remains the same, just a few small features have been tweaked or changed (mouth, new fur tufts around the horns and ears, nose, etc).

Sadly this little guy lost a fight with Oskar this morning and had to have emergency ear and eye replacement surgery haha! But he is all good now, just waiting for his ear. Luckily he will be staying with me, so it wasn't a huge freak out. I have yet to own one of my own monsters, so he is all mine!

This guy will have floppy wired arms with long floppy legs. I will be weighting his legs a bit to add to the floppiness as well. This "new" design will not be featured on my plush until January. I didn't want to use the new design with my Indiegogo rewards since I was funded based on my current monster design, in case people who funded me don't like the new design. If that makes sense. So he will make his full reveal in plush in the shop January!

I will also be working on a plush zine the start of the year that will feature either this new pattern or a similar one, it can only be bought through buying the zine (you will also receive a pdf copy of the pattern emailed to you as well if you bought the zine). Thought this would be fun! Plus, the zine will feature tips, storied, doodles and some other fun sections.


  1. These are all so cute, I've seen them on your face are very talented.