Monster Slaying

It's been getting (yarn) bloody over here! Working on the faces for the first batch of monster head keychains to go out the end of next week!!! Aiming to have a group shot of all the keychains together tomorrow, so I'll be finishing the last 4 faces tonight.

Staring next is the 4" plush and more keychains to go with those. My goal is to have the 4" plush rewards put by the end of next month and the 7" plush rewards (as well as the single $250 reward) out by the end of December!

I will be working on new plush, patterns, a pattern zine and more new things for the shop in January! I'm very excited for the new year to come. The shop is currently down right now, but will be back open soon with some sewn goods and other gifts in it.

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