Oskar, Tarot and Bwana Spoons

Decided to make a cluster f*#k of a post, hah! Over the weekend (well, last Friday) the hubby and I headed over to Lulubell's to go meet... Bwana Spoons! Ack! I adore that man, his art is amazing and his toys are just that more amazing. He has been such a major inspiration with my own toys, plush colors and just good spirit all around. We got to chat about zine's and he was just so nice, to bad I was super nervous. Such a great guy!

Other than the amazing Bwana, I have been doing a lot of tarot study when not sketching up monsters for the next Indiegogo reward tier (which are being made starting the 1st, this is the 4" plush + the 4250 reward). I've been getting in a ton of reading practice with friends and online contacts. If anyone is interested in a reading (I offer general right now, usually 3-5 cards) for donation.

And.. I thought I would leave you with some new Oskar pics and amazing trade package from my friend Kayla! She sent me a maya and gnarly skull bracelet!! :D Check out her shop here, she makes gorgeous Malas and is also studying tarot!

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