Personality & Soul Cards

I will be talking a lot about tarot on the blog soon. I have a small website going up soon for all my tarot based things (readings, news, etc). I am opening up a small tarot reading option now for those who are interested. Here is some info on this service:

Personality & Soul Card Reading

With this, I find your personality card and your soul card. The personality card is why you are here on earth to begin with, what you were born to do. Your soul card is what your soul purpose is to do in life, what you need to learn in this lifetime perhaps. With this service you also get a free card drawn for your purpose in the year to come, specifically for that year (2014). In some cases your personality and soul cards are the same card based off of your info. This is normal, as mine shares one card, but my upcoming year card is different.

Cost: Donation ($5-$10 recommended, but not necessary)

I will need your birthdate (month - day - year). This info can be added to the donation or you can email it to me at milkyrobot AT gmail DOT com. You will receive a pdf write up with photo of your cards and my interpretation of these cards.  

All payments are final, no refunds before or after readings.

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