Over the past few months I have been getting into tarot more and more. I am completely fascinated by tarot and found a natural love for it. I recently started reading for others, mainly friends and family. I have been working on a new website for my tarot readings and I will reveal that soon when I'm ready. Currently I read for free and do well for online readings. When I have several more under my belt I will offer some free readings to those who would like one done.

My decks I currently own:

  • The Light Grey Tarot (use this the most)
  • Golden Universal (used for more detailed readings)
  • The Wooden Tarot (used only for my life spread or Major Arcana only based spreads)
  • Royal Tarot (rarely used)


  1. Collecting decks is an addictive business, I had 3 for a good number of years then they sort of exploded of the bookcase and now I have 100+ and still growing :D (I suppose its a bit like fabric stashing!)

  2. Those decks are lovely! I one when I was a teen, but it was no where near this beautiful.

  3. I have a fairy tarot deck that you're making me itch to pull out again!
    I would love a Tarot reading when you do them... it might be interesting to do one for someone you don't know.