1 Week Dreadversary

Today my dreads turned 1 week! I know, nothing exciting... I just wanted to document this today and felt like a little post. My dreads have changed quite a bit in just 7 days. Some have tightened up really well, while some loosened up a bit. It's been a love & hate relationship with them. Like this morning after I woke, I looked in the mirror and was horrified how messy my hair was... but later in the day we made up and love each other again. I'm anxious to see the weeks to come! This weekend my hubby is going to big maintenance on them and pull in some of the loose hair.

Little timeline (forgot to take a picture on day 4)

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  1. Ooh I saw this on instagram :D So excited to see the following weeks. I've never seen the process of dreads before!