Wanted to do a quick post on what I have been up to lately! Lots of random handmade, shifts and such. I've been working on everything you can imagine, from Indiegogo rewards, to shop stuff, to new projects and finishing up old ones. From sewing, crochet, sketching, crochet, hair... ya.

Some crafty things going on... I decided to try my hand at coptic stitch binding and made my own 500 page journal. Totally in love, I will be making these soon for the shop when I get all my Indiegogo projects done first. I had a blast making this though and have another I plan to make myself as well soon, but only a 300 page one. This one took forever!

I also tried my hand at wood burning, another new favorite of mine. Below is a shot of one thing I've burned, nothing fancy or anything. The symbols are on birch wood cuts and they represent the elements (earth, air, fire and water). I have been obsessed with moon phases, constellations and all things nature lately.

I've had a lot of spiritual shifts happening in my life recently. I went from being completely non-spiritual to getting more and more interested in it. So with that big shift, I have made some changes physically to help go with those changes. My hair. I did dreads in the past, kind of (took them out both times, I've talked about why before in posts) and decided now was a good time to go at them again. Third time's a charm, right? I know most people don't like them and so on, thats fine. But I have personal reasons for doing these and I will leave it at that. These are brand new... yesterday new. So today is day 1. I will be adding extensions hopefully this weekend to help with the length, my hair wasn't super long to start with and they will just keep shrinking for a long while. It's just easier to pull my hair up with a crazy 4 year old running around during the day.

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