Crochet, Yarn and a Dread Update... oh my!

Been working my butt off on getting the last of the plush rewards finished. Did an update on the Indiegogo campaign the other day, so if you were a funder please check it out! Something good is going on your plush!

Other than plush, I've been squeezing in some "me" time to work on some crochet and such. I have been crocheting up dread head wraps (which I love) and have been using my own handspun with them. I was going to list a couple after this month, but I'm having a hard time letting any go haha! I will have some in the shop though soon.

Another crochet project I started was a rug!! I am crocheting this big boy up with fabric strips from my stash. I'm using only fabrics that I don't completely love enough to sew with, each strip is roughly cut at 1.5" wide, then looped on to the end of each strip to create a "yarn". I'm using a Q hook for this and have only done about 15 rounds, it grew fast! This was supposed to turn into a 5 foot rug for the living room, but I may just make it a kitchen rug, we'll see.

I've also been on my spinning wheel again!

We put the tree up before Thanksgiving (shhhhh). I couldn't wait to see it, it has been in a box since my Mother in Law gave it to use last year, so I was itching to see how it looked. I wasn't a 100% sure I would like white since I had my heart set on a powder pink tree, but I love this tree!

Lastly, I wanted to post a dread update! They turned 2 weeks today, yay! I love them more and more each day. This was taken after a shower, so they were a bit damp and flat haha


  1. The yarn you've spun is so pretty! Will it make its way into your shop at some point? As a side note I've blogged the quilt top you sent, if you'd like to see how it's doing pop over :)

    1. The quilt looks amazing! I'm so glad you could bring it to life! The yarn actually might make it's way in the shop since the colors are not "me". Unless I sell it on IG first lol It's $30 and 176 yards, around worsted weight, maybe a tad lighter.