New Year = Fresh

Lately I have been scattered all over the place... from online, to at home and mentally. So I have been thinking super hard on things and have decided to revamp Milky Robot and make all new plans for 2014. I keep wanting to "start over" for a fresh start on a new blog and shop, but it really doesn't make much sense. Once I refocus and finish up the tail end of this campaign, I will be bringing back the regular blog posts (Inspiration Friday, Etsy Fav's, etc) and get back to daily posting.

My soon to be 5 year old is starting school on the 6th and this will be freeing up more time for me to get things done at home and focus on the shop. I am taking a tiny break from plush to get my mojo back, the plush campaign really wore me out and I need to regroup a bit before starting new plush. I have LOTS of new idea's for plush coming and I'm super excited to start sketching!

Thank you for all my followers for staying with me through all my crazy times and dusty blog. I treasure you! If there is something you would like to see on the blog in 2014, please leave a comment below! Whether it is tutorials, more zines or anything... just let me know! :)

Hope everyone had a great holiday, we had a blast! I will post pics soon after I get the house back together, it's train wreck right now haha!

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