Wanted to give you all a sneak peek of something hitting the shop next month. These journals will be available through a new shop I am opening up called Third Moth (I'm unsure if I will keep this shop on Etsy or move it to Storenvy). For a while, I've been feeling like my Milky Robot shop has been taken over by plush and small scale sewing. So I think I will keep my current shop just for plush work and plush patterns.

So... here is a little sneak peek of something that will be popping up next month, most likely towards the end of the month. I have been getting into book binding more and more, so I came up with an idea for tarot readers, like myself! These are single card tarot journals for daily draws. A lot of readers use this "spread" for daily use and practice. The journal has 60 pages (120 back and front pages) for your tarot journaling and an additional 10 blank pages (20 front and back pages) for notes or misc writing. There is a spot to write in the date, time, deck used, card drawn and a big space for your writing. I have already used my own journal twice now and love it! I have changed the font and the paper so that the text doesn't show through.

Custom options will be available as well for those who want a more custom journal. You will be able to customize the following:

  • page count (more or less)
  • content (example: add a line to put moon phase, etc)
  • font choices, will be able to pick a custom font from
  • cover (either recycled from a magazine or a solid texture

I'm super excited about these! I will also have blank journals in the shop as well, so if your looking for just a basic journal or sketchbook, I will have you covered! 

I am working on a newsletter list for those who wish to join and get updates on the new shop and it's products. I have a FB page if you like to join now to get updates to, link below!

Third Moth FB Page:

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