Deck Review: Sakki-Sakki

I thought I would start a little post in my blog on my Tarot deck reviews. This may not be for everyone, but for those who are interested in Tarot and looking to get their first deck or even just another to add to the collection, this may be for you! These are my own personal reviews, so please use your own judgement to when looking at these decks. I'm kicking off this with my new Sakki-Sakki Tarot!

Sakki-Sakki Tarot

This deck was created by the talented Monicka Clio Sakki, it's also known as For the Artist in Each of Us.

Card size: 2 3/8" x 4 1/2" (deck width is a total of: 1 1/8")

Official website is here.

This deck called me from the start of discovering Tarot. I added it to my wishlist and it sat there for a long while, not sure why I didn't buy it right away... most likely other decks just kept popping up, but it was always on my mind to buy. Then I finally decided to buy it with the book Playing with Symbols, but I'll talk about that in the end. It took 4 weeks to arrive from Israel! The wait was killing me and I was sure it was lost in the mail... I screamed when I saw the package arrive at my door, the mail man must have thought I was nuts.

The deck creator takes so much care and love in packaging. Even the email she sent me when I ordered was personal and full of love. She described to me what goes in with packaging her Tarot decks, how she chooses the right stamp and how she chooses the perfect deck to package and everything. When I got that email I was amazed and intrigued even more with this deck. I suggest buying the deck right from her (link at the top), the wait is totally worth it and it's way more personal.

In the package I received the following:

  • the deck wrapped in a clear wrapping and sleeve
  • the LWB, which is the best one I've seen with a deck yet (LWB stands for Little White Book)
  • the box unfolded and ready to be put together by myself with her stamp inside and signature
  • lots of shredded paper from her office haha!
I ordered the set that came with the book, Playing with Symbols. It arrived signed inside and came with a cute bookmark! I highly recommend getting the book, it is outstanding and really gives you a sense of why she used certain symbols, colors and themes in each card.

I can't really say anything bad about this deck, at all. I just adore every inch of it. Some things to note, that differ from the other decks I own:
  • Some of the Minor's are headless, this bothers some but it doesn't bother me. In fact it helps me read into the cards message more clear since I'm not distracted by the expressions of the faces. You can place yourself or others more easily into the cards.
  • There is an extra card, The Artist. I love this card! You are the artist, the one on this journey.
  • The cards have astrological symbols and some have Hebrew lettering. It also touches base more with the Kabbalah.
  • An additional reference card for the astrological symbols (planets and zodiac), very handy!
The Cards

The cards themselves are great quality. Perfect hand size, very colorful and the paper is like a soft matte-sheen. Love the quality of the cards, very different than my other decks. 

The Box

The box comes flat and unfolded. This is a little project for you to do and a way for you to incorporate a bit of yourself into the making of this deck. It folds together super easy and is very sturdy from what I can tell so far. You don't need glue at all, but I used some to reinforce it down for longer use since I bring my cards with me in my bag. It feels the same as the cards and is equal in brightness and design. Awesome little box! It holds all the cards and the LWB perfectly.

My favorites

Here are some of my favorite cards in the deck. This was extremely hard for me since I normally just pull my top 6 favorites... but I ended up with nearly the whole deck and ended up picking my top 12 haha! There is no card I dislike in this deck, which is rare for me and I normally have a nice pile of those.

Now, about the book! This book is great, it touches base with all the symbols in the deck, why they were used, what they represent and more. There is also an interview on Monicka, the deck creator, and it goes into great depth on how her creative process was for making this deck. You can also use this book for other decks, but it works best I think with the Sakki-Sakki deck. I haven't worked with astrology yet in the cards but the reference she adds for this in the book is great! Also, I highly suggest buying the deck straight from the artist on her site. You can buy it on eBay or through Amazon (I think) but it won't be as special. The wait was long for me but it was beyond worth it!

All in all, I would give this give the deck (and book): ★★★★★ (5 out of 5)

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