Weekend Adventures

This weekend (so far) we went to check out the Gem & Mineral show that came to town. It's an annual show and packed with tons of sellers. Sadly, we could only check out a couple stands since Z was a bit bored and started to get fidgety. I did manage to find something to bring home though! I picked up an Angel Aura Quartz, it has been on my list "to buy" for a while but I never see it in stores here. So the second I caught eye of it, I told Bob that I needed the debit card haha.

They had some gorgeous stones, if I had more money I would have bought several. Maybe we will go back tomorrow before the show is gone for another year. I have been getting more and more into crystals and stones, my collection is growing quite rapidly. I may have to do a little blog tour of my stones down the road.

The glowing minerals below are fluorescent minerals that naturally glow under black light. They blew my mind!

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