Sketch It

Ever have that instant moment where all these idea's start flowing and you can't keep up? Do you write them down? Sketch them? Or even start making them right away!?

For me, I sketch! Anytime I get an idea, inspiration or just a spark of something... I sketch it out. I can't tell you how many times I have drafted out full crochet patterns on the back of a napkin while drinking coffee. From quilts to plush to blogging, I sketch out everything! Even my tarot readings!!

Little peek inside my sketchbook today! I've been jotting down idea after idea lately and boy do I have a ton! I already have a pattern drafted out for some fleece monsters AND a monster head throw pillow. *gasp*!

Not sure if I mentioned this on the blog earlier, but I have a some sewn fleece monsters (hopefully) in the works this weekend! I'm doing a bunch of tests on these guys, so fingers crossed I will have something to post about on Monday! If all goes well, I will have the monsters in 3 colors for now: chartreuse, neon pink and a a deep wine red. I'm so excited to start these guys that the wait is killing me! I need to wrap up some things this week before I can begin, I will feel SO much better doing that.

Also, I mentioned throw pillows above. Yes! I have yet to draft anything for this project yet. This idea is still just a sketch in my book but I think I have an idea of how I want to execute these guys. I mean, who doesn't want a monster head pillow on their couch or in their kids room, right?!

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  1. Chartreuse is always a good idea :)

    Oh and I also sketch ideas out in random places, but they aren't nearly as nice as yours are!