Getting Centered

One thing that I long to do is yoga. I used to do it a bit when I was much, much younger. As the weight crept on, the yoga love crept out. I decided over the weekend that Monday I will start it back up even if I look ridiculous doing it and can't hold a pose for crap.

practice, practice, practice

Another thing I kick started again was meditation. I was on a sitting kick for a while, then lost my focus and kept putting it off again and again. No more, time to get centered and find myself again. I keep thinking I'm to old now to start habits and new paths, but I need to remember that I'm only 31 and still have a long life in front of me!


  1. I think you can kick ass at whatever you want to, starting whenever you want to. (I try to tell myself so anyway. :P ) Even if it doesn't turn out to be totally true, it kicks ass to try.

    1. You are SO right! I picked up a block to help with my floor reach but found some great plus size yoga poses to try now to! Had a great time this morning! :D

  2. Yoga is the best :) I actually started yoga at my heaviest...250lbs with a bunch of fit folks. It was super intimidating at first and honestly, I felt like a beach whale but after a few more classes I was hooked! It helped me to realize that it was all just in my head and that we all will look a bit funny whenever we push our selves further through our yoga journey :) Yoga has really shown me that anything is possible and nothing is wrong if you just try :) 4 months in and I am hooked. Glad to see you return to the practice :)