Halloween in July

It's been a while since I've really been able to knit and relax a bit without feeling guilty. I've had so much work piling up that even when I did anything for myself I felt such guilt since I should be working on other things. Now that work has been caught up and done, I picked up my sock knitting the other day and finally finished them yesterday! While these are by far my least favorite socks, I'm glad they are off the needles and done, rather than frogged.

I tried out Jeny's stretchy cast off on these for the first time and it worked like a champ! I only knit these as ankle socks because I just couldn't stand knitting with the yarn anymore, but hand knit ankle socks are SO not for me. I have *ahem* wide ankles, so they tend to roll slightly, but if I cast off like normal I won't be able to get them past my heel. So my next pair will be taller, normal socks. I've only ever knit ankle socks to... you would think I would learn my lesson, right?

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