Blank Yarn + Knitting

Woot! Sock base has landed! Yesterday I got a fun package filled with 75/25 sock yarn base and new dyes. I have to replace all my dyes since most were messed up in the love last year, boo. Lots more dye will be ordered again over time, but I'm starting out slow this time around and trying to be more business savvy! If all goes smoothly today, I will be dyeing up some test colorways... I am itching to get back into the grove of things again!

This morning I finished up the toe's on my Exploder socks. I could have done them quicker, but I knit when I can around my 5 year old... (did I mention school starts on the 6th?!). Loving this yarn, it's by Spun Right Round, colorway is Exploder, hence the name of my socks, ahem.

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