Can't stop knitting!

Since my little one has been going to full day Kindergarten, I got my knitting bug back. For years and years I've been an odd knitter and didn't knit "properly" as far as tension and holding the yarn. It worked for me, but I would often get thumb and palm cramps. So the other day I decided that I would teach myself to knit properly and decided to pick up the English style since I was already some what of a thrower... Wow, what a difference! Not only did the cramps stop in my right hand but my speed has picked up greatly. I just can't seem to put down the needles and I'm grasping at patterns I've had in my Ravelry queue to knit.

The other night I cast on a second Great Divide shawl but in DK this time. Had to frog and restart this morning after noticing I had been using the wrong needle size. I was using size 7's instead of 8's and for some, it may not make that much of a difference, but I'm a super tight knitter so I had to switch.

This morning I cast on a second project, the Hitchhiker. Lately I have enjoyed doing two projects at once, it keeps me interested in the patterns without getting bored. I am in love with this pattern and yarn, they are both super relaxing to work with. The yarn is Madelinetosh light merino in Holi Festival. It reminds me a lot of Malabrigo lace, which I also enjoy working with.

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  1. Jess I keep coming back to this post, I frickin love these two shawls but can't knit! Are either of them easy to learn as a beginner or should I just stick to crochet?