Coming Soon!

Lots of new things are coming to the shop and I'm bursting with excitement! I have hand dyed roving coming back to the shop hopefully this weekend, all depends on if my merino top order arrives on time tomorrow. I can't wait to get some roving in the dye pots, I actually recently spun up one of my older hand dyed rovings and it brought back some happy memories.

Yesterday I was finally able to order a new piece of equipment for the shop... a wool blending board!! I'm stupidly excited about this tool. I have only used a drum carder (as well as hand carders) in the past and had those for several years. I was debating on getting a new drum carder but lately have been falling in love with all the puni making on instagram so I caved and decided to get a board instead (plus it was lighter on the wallet). I figured I would get more freedom with the board since I can sit on the couch vs. being stuck at a tale carding. My board will be here Friday!! Eep! I already have several pounds of merino top coming my from a sweet little farm in North Dakota. So I will be setting aside a day for just dyeing up all the wool for carding. Can you tell I'm excited?! And yes, this means I will have carded fibers back in the shop again shortly!

Tomorrow I will be sewing up Halloween patchwork bags for the shop! Stay tuned for a spooky update, I will have 4 of these ghostly project bags available!

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