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So, how are you all?! Can you tell I'm trying to make a better effort in blogging again? As much as I love this little blog, it has been getting lots of cobwebs. I think I say that every time I start blogging again. Today I wanted to chat about what is coming to the shop!

If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen a couple yarn shop updates. Yes, I know it is empty now but I swear there was yarn in it a few times this week! I'm currently sold out of yarn but I have a new yarn order headed my way (hopefully in a week or so). So, if you saw a yarn colorway that you wanted to grab but couldn't, never fear, I take custom orders! So feel free to convo me on Etsy to get a custom order set up. If you want to place a large order (of 3-5 skeins or more, it will take a little longer for a custom order).

Now that I have been bringing yarn back to the shop, I do plan to include more weights as time goes on as well. I have placed another order of fingering weight and a handful of DK. I think once I get DK in the door again I may start carrying worsted and bulky.

Another yarn style that will be popping up soon are mini skeins!!! These will be in sets of 5 mini skeins with roughly 90 yds in each one (450 yds in total). You can use these for small projects, scrappy patterns or even to test out different colorways!

Other things coming to the shop... bags! I have been getting asked a lot if project bags will be making an appearance in the shop again and yes! Most likely it will be around February when I will start adding new bags to the shop but they are coming! Another fun option with the bags will be zipper pouch + bag sets. I will be carrying a limited grouping of bag sets, but you can also buy zipper pouches by themselves as well very soon.

Ok, I think that wraps it all up! If there is something you would like to see in the shop, feel free to comment! I would love to hear your idea's!

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