Stepping out of my shell

For a while now, I have been craving to find a local knitting group. I'm normally very shy and keep to myself when it comes to social gatherings, so I'm always nervous in these kind of situations. This week I finally bit the bullet and decided to join the knitting table at my LYS. Yesterday, in one of my local Ravelry groups, I saw someone had started a thread asking if there are any knitting groups during the week. I chimed in and said I would be interested as well! So I decided to visit the next day (today) and knit. Guys, I actually went this morning and it was SO much fun! Everyone was so nice and friendly, we chatted the morning away. It didn't help my nerves any knowing that I was also going to be talking to an employee about consigning my yarn there. Everything went great and I'm proud to say that they will be carrying my yarn at the shop very soon! I will post more when I bring in the first box of dyed skeins, for now I'll keep it hush haha!

I felt so welcome and at ease when the other knitters started to introduce themselves and talk about projects and yarn. I was at home. After nearly 14 years of knitting and never joining a knitting group, I am in love! I will be spending every Friday morning now at my LYS... and maybe even Tuesday mornings as well!

Tomorrow I'm actually heading to check out another local knitting group called the Desert Yarnies. They meet every Saturday at a local cafe and one of the girls who helps run the group also works at the LYS I was at today, so seeing her there will be a nice ice breaker for me. I think I will have a great time and I'm really looking forward to it!

This year I told myself that I will try new things and really step out of my shell more. So far I have done a couple things in just this month:

  • Joined a knitting group (possibly two if tomorrow turns out great)
  • Tried two "new-to-me" knitting techniques 

My other goal for the year is to knit my first cardigan and I already have one planned out, just need to order the yarn (a downside to being plus size... more yardage needed lol). I really want to use Malabrigo for this cardigan, I think it will be super soft... but after dyeing a ball of Cascade 220 tonight, I may opt for that yarn instead. I'll talk about that yarn this coming week!


  1. Good on your for venturing out of your comfort zone. I've been trying to do the same this year, as well. :)

  2. That is awesome! I have given thought to doing something like that too, but live in a very small town, and most of the women who knit here are considerably older than me. I don't have a problem with that, but the age gap just kinda defeats what I was hoping to get out of it in a way. Congratulations on expanding your horizons!