Cast On-Itis

Normally when I work on knitting projects, I tend to keep them at a minimum and try to be pretty strict with myself with the rule "cast one off, cast one on"... but this weekend I was all about casting on! There are just too many patterns I want to knit and I want to knit them all right now. One project that was an automatic requirement to cast on was a secret project for a secret person... that's all I can say for now until the cat is out of the bag. I will try to take some sneak peeks of the project as I go though, no way can I contain myself to not share it at all lol If my friend weren't on all my social media spots it would be easy to share it all lol

Yesterday I spent a nice relaxing day over at my mother in laws house for a bbq, we have not had a gathering in ages so it was really nice! I got some much wanted knitting time in while the boys all hung out outside with Z. I added a couple rows onto my Featherweight cardigan... this project feels like it is going to ages.... but at the same time, when I look at my progress it seems to be going fast. So strange! Love knitting it though!

Some shop news, with some preorders I listed last week, I was able to double my yarn inventory with the sales I made! So that means, I will be able to offer more yarns in each update! I'm slowly growing my yarn base inventory, still nowhere near where I want to be, but it's getting there. For those who preordered, the yarn should arrive this coming week so I will have your orders sent out much sooner than I had planned! I thought it would be a 2 week wait for my yarn base to arrive, instead it was a week. Perfect!

If you missed out on the preorder or any shop updates, follow me on Instagram for better announcements! It's hard to post on the blog when I do updates since the shop clears out super quick and sometimes I don't have set times for when I plan an update.

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  1. I think if I make the Featherweight, I'm going to steek it. I hate purling!