Friday Knitting

Every Friday (well, most Friday's) I head to my local yarn shop to sit and knit with others. I've been doing this for several weeks now and absolutely love it! I look forward to my Friday morning knitting each week... even as I'm driving home on Friday haha! I usually only stay from 10 am to noon since my daughetr gets out of school early on this day.

I thought I would do a post on the blog each Friday about my mornings at my LYS! I have been trying to keep the blog updated daily but some days I just don't know what to write even though I want to blog!

This morning I couldn't decide on what project to bring with me... so I brought three! I knew I wanted to get to certain spots on these projects so I ended up working a little on each.

My socks got the waste yarn added for the afterthought heel. Next time, I will not use handspun! This was not the greatest idea for sure, it was a pain to knit the handspun with such tiny needles, I think my handspun was around worsted weight and my needles are size 2... so ya. It was the only yarn I had on hand in my bag though, so it worked.

Then I moved on to my Marceline Hat and I managed to finish the stockinette section. The next row is a lengthy one and I really wasn't up to working on it there since it's a special stitch and takes quite a bit longer to get through.

Lastly, I worked a bit on the Newborn Vertebrae! This little cardigan is flying, I'm about 2" away from starting the bottom ribbing on it. It's SO cute I can't stand it! I am a tad nervous about picking up the ribbing band along the front and neck, I have not picked up stitches for a cardigan before so I'm hoping I can get them cast on evenly. I can't wait to block this little thing though!

Here is a pic of the cardigan from yesterday (forgot to take a pic while at the LYS):

Had a blast at the LYS today, like usual! I won't be heading there next Friday since my daughter is on Spring break and knitting with a 6 year old hanging on my arm doesn't sound like much fun haha! BUT tomorrow I will be checking out a local knitting group called the Desert Yarnies! I joined the group weeks ago and have yet to stop by and join them, so tomorrow is the day! Honestly, I think I have been stalling because I'm so shy, but now that I have been doing the podcast and knitting at my LYS regularly I feel like I'm slowly starting to branch out more. So I will for sure report back on how tomorrow goes with the group!

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