Inside my FiloFax A5

Last month I caught the ever so fun planned bug! In the past I used a planner but really never stuck with it very long, though I was way younger when I had it so I really didn't have anything to write in it. Now that I have a child who is in school, a small shop and bills... I find myself using it a lot! For a while I was researching different planners but kept coming back to the FiloFax so I ordered my first one! I went with the A5 size but the Personal was really catching my eye. So far, I love my A5 but I may order a Personal size later on for my personal things (journaling, tarot, brainstorming...) since my A5 is already packed like crazy.

I currently have the Saffiano A5 Original in the Pear color, it's a perfect green that doesn't feel too bright. For an early Mothers Day gift for my mom, I ordered her the Personal size Saffiano in Aquamarine!

My dashboard is from The Merrie Wanderer on Etsy. On it I have some sticky tabs, a super cute sticker and some of my favorite cards clipped to the top. I also added some cute charms that dangle at the bottom.

I remade most of my dividers so far but I have a few more to make still and swap out. My favorite divider is my glitter white one! This divider is for my month and week pages, I use this section the most.

Another section in my planner is for my personal stuff. I put my daily tarot card pulls here, my reading list and my podcast episode notes. If I get a second planner, I will be moving this section to that or just my tarot stuff.

I have a few more sections that are in progress with getting set up. One of which is house stuff (will be posting about that in the next blog post)! In the back of my planner I have my hole puncher. I got this on Etsy and it was a random find, the shop just had one and it was from Japan. I LOVE this hole puncher! It can be used to hole punch the Pocket, Personal and A5 with an easy slide adjustment. It fits in the back of the A5's. I didn't think I would use it often so I was going to leave it out of my planner but I found I'm using it a lot, so it stays!

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