Today is the Day!

I have been super quiet on the blog and for the most part, social media. I try to pop in from time to time on Instagram and Facebook... but ya, I've been busy! Today is finally the day we get keys to our new house!! Ahhh! The excitement woke me up at 2am, I'm just so excited. Tomorrow is the first move day (we are spreading the move out in several weekends) and I'm so anxious to get most of our stuff there!

We did the final walk through on the house the other day, it was nice to see it so empty. I can't wait to dive in and repaint those blue walls, I will have a house tour as soon as everything is unpacked and decorated!

This coming week, I'll be upboxing and packing... we ran out of boxes, so the ones I unpack will be reused to finish some light packing in the apartment. I'm hoping to be fully moved in by next weekend! This has been a fairly nice move, lots of purging... lots!

I'm more eager to finally have my own garden! My husband and I are totally looking forward to doing a minor backyard makeover with raised beds and container gardening. The yard isn't huge, but it's just the right size for us. Enough room to garden, room for our daughter to play in, and for us to relax in. Stay tuned for blog post next week! I also have a gnarly review to do of one of my favorite online shops, Uncommon Goods!

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  1. I just moved as well, and I now the feeling! Enjoy unpacking and decorating your new home.. :-)
    Hugs from Norway.