It's Monday, I've stepped back on the mat

Last year I was doing a fairly consistent yoga practice, nothing crazy, but it was daily for me. I fell off track and didn't touch the mat until this morning. It's been months! I still feel very beginner and new to yoga, that is one reason I kept putting off my yoga practice. I just simply had no idea where to start.

Last month I picked up the Home Practice Kit by Amber Karnes of Body Positive Yoga, but I held off on starting until after the move. Well, it's been a week since we moved in and it was time to roll out the mat and get my practice started all over again. I decided that I will just start somewhere and this is how I would do it. It's hard for me to not over do it, so I'm being fairly strict with myself and only doing a 5-min yoga routine in the morning, Monday through Friday. As much as I want to do all kinds of poses each morning, I know I will burn myself out in the beginning.

My main goal is to just show up and be present while getting a routine started each day. I'm also working on my self love again, I was going strong for a long while before falling into a light depression with my body. So getting back to my body positive mind set has been rough for me, I hope yoga can help me break that cycle again.

Last night I made sure I rolled out my mat, and hung up my yoga leggings in the bathroom, so it was the first thing I saw after waking up! It worked! I immediately put them on and headed straight for my home studio (which is 1/2 sewing space and 1/2 sacred space). After my practice, I decided to start journaling again so I pulled out a new journal I had on my shelf... I think I bought it last year! I want to keep a daily record that includes my yoga, my tarot card pulls, my moontime... etc.

Are you starting a new routine? What is your yoga routine?

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