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Hello Friday! I've been so anxious to post this review, but with all the moving and craziness going on I decided to postpone it until today! I am doing a a review on some products from one of my favorite shops, Uncommon Goods.

If you are not familiar with Uncommon Goods, here is a little about this shop. Uncommon Goods is a privately owned retail shop that features unique and handcrafted items. They focus on gifts created in harmony with the environment and no harm towards people or animals. Most of the products listed in their shop are made right here in the USA. About 1/3 of the products are made from recycled and/or upcycled items. They really do have an amazing selection that suits everyone!
I was recently able to see a few items up close and I was thrilled when the packages arrived! One of my favorites items I received was a Caterpillar Bud Vase, you can find it HERE in their shop. I got the larger version since I wanted to show it off on some larger tables I have. I love the modern feel of the vase and the unique style of how it looks on my coffee table. I can fill it with small flower cuts straight from my backyard, rather than a big bundle of flowers. It's simple and sleek, and it added a touch of color just where I needed it! The glass is crystal clear and is easy to fill and clean when needed.

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Another one of my favorite items was this Sunburst Suncatcher, you can find this item HERE! These are each handmade from Philidelphia, PA, no two are alike. When we bought our house, I knew I wanted to hang a suncatcher in the kitchen window. When I came across this in the shop I put it in my shopping cart immediately! I opened the box up when my mom was visiting and we both thought this item was drop dead gorgeous. It is beautifully made and quite thick, so I have no fear of this chipping. The sun picks up the colors perfectly!

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The last item I got is a fun one! I've been wanting some of these for ages... floating Conceal Shelves! You can find these HERE in their shop. These are so cool, my daughter thinks they are magic! We hung them up this week and I instantly wanted to feature my Chuck Palahniuk collection. These shelves each hold 15 lbs and ha no trouble holding all these books. Each shelf was super easy to hang, they come with all the hardware you need to hang them and it took seconds. They feel super secure on the wall, so I have no fear of them giving out and dropping the books. I'm considering getting a few more for my office space as well!

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