Since the move at the end of May, I have been busy and working on some new stuff... mostly paying attention to myself! There has been some knitting, some yoga, some walking, and lots in between. I didn't mean to completely neglect this blog, but things happen.

Since I'm knitting a lot more these days, it's been part of my mindfulness practice, I figured I would dust off the blog and start posting again, I'm also coming back to my weekly Yarn in my Coffee podcast video's!! I hope to record the next episode on on Thursday, I used to record on Wednesday but since I am training for a 5k on Mon - Wens - Fri, I would rather not be a hot mess in the video lol!

So what's new?! I started on a major health journey in August, I blog about all that elsewhere though, so I won't be talking about it on this blog (sacredcoffee.blogspot.com). I've been dyeing yarn here and there, I'm actually doing one last shop update today with 6 skeins of yarn, it's the last of the base yarn I have in my stock. I'm going on a long holiday break till the beginning of the year so I can fully focus on myself for a bit... plus, I have a ton of WIP's to finish before the end of the year lol!

I created a couple new colorways though! The one above will be in the shop today, it's the far left in focus, it's called Tarot Reader. I also created two others called Ganesh (photo below) and Psychology (not pictured). I will be on the hunt for a new yarn supplier this Winter so that is another reason I will be on break.

Since I'm recording a new episode on Thursday, I won't go into detail about what's on my needles right now, you'll have to wait and see on Thursday!! But, here is a sneak peek (if you follow me on Ravelry, then you know what these will turn into). I have a couple more yarns on the way, so some of my plans may change, we'll see! I also dyed up a hank of Buddha and Tarot Reader for myself to keep! I need to find a project for Tarot Reader, was thinking about the Savana Shawl. Hmmm...

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