Xmas Knitting

I'm not normally a holiday knitter and I rarely do hand knit gifts... I'll admit it, I'm a super selfish knitter! lol This year I started making ornaments (for my tree) and they are so addicting! I found a quick and simple pattern for mini sock ornaments on Ravelry here and they are so fun to knit, I've been using all my favorite sock yarn scraps.

You can knit these in the round but I'm doing them flat like the pattern says, I've never liked knitting tiny things in magic loop, too fiddly for my long fingers. I'm doing solid ones first, then I may do some stranded ones next.

Along with knitting these, I've been plugging away at The Doodler Mystery KAL with Stephen West, I'm on the 2nd wedge of clue 3. I need to pick up the pace so I can start clue 4 in time, but I have a feeling I will be behind this week. I'm still not sure how I feel about the shawl so far, once the cable clue was thrown in I kinda stopped loving it, but I'm just not a cable person in general. Never cared how cables look and such. So we will see! If I don't love it, then for sure I will gift it for Xmas. Gasp! Would that mean I'm knitting something for someone other than me?! lol

I did a test colorway this past week and I don't think it will make it to the shop in January, they will be a OOAK colorway! So I am destashing them! If you are interested, I have two left for $20 + SH ($3.50 for US or $4.50 everywhere else). Just send me an email - milkyrobot@gmail.com

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