Monsters on my table!

This week I started on some new plush monsters and I'm starting the process of bringing one to life, so to speak. After finding my plush bag I was shocked to see all the pieces done for the siamese zombie monster! Not sure when I finished him all up but I'm glad because now I can skip right into the fun part of putting this guy together. I should hopefully have him all done by next week, they take a bit of time to build since I work really slowly to be sure every inch of their surface looks good from any angle.

A new monster I started yesterday is kind of unplanned, I have some inspiration but this guy is really just being built on how I feel each day. I was really drawn to some neon peach yarn I had by Madtosh in my stash so I'm using that for the main base of this monster. I have a sketch in my book for a monster that I titled "The High Moon", he was inspired from the High Priestess tarot card from the Sakki-Sakki deck. I wanted to incorporate the inspiration into this current "neon peach" monster but I'm not sure yet where I'm going with it if I do, I'll have to wait till I finish all the pieces for this guy. He will be a standard bendy monster though, that I do know!

Another monster I have sketched out that I'm dieing to start is one I titled "Evil Tree" based on the inspiration from Evil Tree Trunks in Adventure Time! While I love Tree Trunks, "evil" Tree Trunks is one of my favorite characters in the series, I just adore the colors of the evil version and those gemstone eyes inspire me so much! I was going to change the plans of the siamese zombie monster and turn him into "Evil Tree" but I found a better yarn for this guy and I would prefer him to have one head, so he will be next to create!

Found my sketchbook this morning with some older sketches... and also lots of plush notes from over the years!


  1. So glad you're back and doing both blogs! Not to add to your life, but I vote you bring the podcast back too :)
    Your sketches are fantastic! I adore the little ohm one :)
    Have a wonderful day!

    1. Thanks so much! I do hope to bring the podcast back soon!! :) Once I get into the swing of things I will see when I can fit that into my week, I'm excited to return to my crafty life haha!