Moon & Gemma Citrine

Yesterday I finished up another monster and I just can't seem to part with him. I was going to list him in the shop next week but he will be staying with me... to be fair,, I don't own any of my own plush, what?! It's true! I always plan to keep one, but then someone tells me how much they love him and I end up letting them go to others. As much as I love my own plush, I can imagine how much joy they bring to others, one of the main reason I love making them. This time, this guy stay with me, haha!

This guy was formally mentioned as High Moon in the past post, but I named him Moon. Short and sweet. I used some neon peach scraps from Madtosh to create this guy and I love it! One of my favorite yarns even, I must make everything in neon peach now.

I'm obsessed with the single head, leggy guys so I think I will switch my plush focus to just these guys for a while. While I love the mermaid monster and siamese monsters, these guys are just too much fun to pose and photograph.

A better picture of Gemma Citrine, the one my daughter claimed (and has renamed him to Lex Mer Monster). I have a hard time photographing the mermaids but in person they are so fun! I just can never capture the right look of them on camera, never the same.

I think I have enough of the Republic of Wool yarn to make a single monster (Julep colorway I used for the mermaid). I also noticed that I'm way low on yarn to use for monsters! I have a ton of Knit Picks Palette that I got a couple years ago after launching an Indigogo campaign (to raise funds to make more monsters) but I have swayed more towards semi solid yarns and prefer high brand yarn... love Madtosh, Republic of Wool, Hedgehog, etc for monsters and of course, my own hand dyed!

I have been on the fence about writing up and releasing the pattern for my bendy monster, they feel so sacred and secret to me so I never released this pattern. I have others available, but this one is just special, so we'll see...

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