Psst... I'm back!

Hello! How has everyone been?! I haven't posted anything on the blog since November of last year, gulp. Needless to say... I took a long break to get some personal work done!

What have I been up to?! Lots! To be honest... not much has been craft or knitting related at all. In fact, I barely touched my knitting and crafts while "away". Hard to believe, I'm sure. While I don't want to talk much about any health related stuff on this blog, I will mention a little about it in this post. For all my health stuff, I have been blogging over at Runs for Coffee! So feel free to head over there and check that out.

My health stuff was focused mainly with weight loss, it was a personal journey and I did share it on my Instagram account, so those who follow me probably noticed! After changing my focus to healthy eating, dropping fast food, and started to move more... I have lost a little over 95 lbs in the past 10 months and went from only being able to barely walk for 5 min to now running (slowly, haha) and completing seventeen 5k's and one 10k. I've also pre-registered for my first half marathon in January of 2017! I set a goal to lose 100 lbs in a year and I still have about 2 months to go till I reach that "anniversary". I plan on losing another 60 lbs after that, which will end up meaning that I will literally be 1/2 the size I started at. If you would like to read all about more details of my journey, head on over to Runs for Coffee!

Here is a little picture to give you an idea of the work I have been doing with my health. Again, I won't be posting much about this again on the blog. So if you want to follow along, check out the Runs for Coffee blog! I plan to keep health related stuff, my running, and yoga over there.

On another note, we added a new furry member to our family a couple months ago! We got a Golden Retriever puppy back in March and her name is Maggie! We waited a long while before getting another dog after the trouble we had with our Boston Terrier a couple years ago. He was very aggressive and we had to rehome him with our local Boston Terrier rescue so they could fit him with the correct family. We put in a lot of thought about getting another dog and also what we were looking for. Since I have picked up running in the past several months, I knew that I wanted not only a great family dog but also a future running partner so we had our hearts set on either a Lab or Golden Retriever. Maggie has been amazing! She is such a sweet and smart girl, we started puppy training classes with her 4 weeks ago and she has 2 more weeks to go. She is going through the crazy puppy stage but is completely different than Oskar was. She just turned 4 months old last week, so those who have had puppies know that a "fun" stage that can be. Haha!

Ok, so what is going on with Milky Robot?! The yarn is coming back!!! I was going to rebrand Milky Robot completely for a fresh start and new beginning since everything has been changing on my end of the world, but I missed Milky Robot. Milky Robot is home to me. There is comfort in what I have created over the years and it felt so foreign to me to start over.

I am hitting the dye pots later this week and will be updating the shop on the 17th, followed by a yarn giveaway on my Instagram that weekend! I have a new colorway I'll be dyeing up and I'm excited! The shop is still closed right now, so links don't work right now but it will be back up and running. Very excited to get back into the swing of things. I really needed to take some time away from everything to focus on myself for a while. Now that I have a good handle on my health and where that is going, I feel I can get back to things that I was doing before. Be on the lookout for more posts again on the blog!

Plush! I am working on new plush! Gasp! I have the parts of a zombie siamese monster done and have started a new monster, another is being sketched out and the perfect yarns are being gathered this week. I have some plans to release some plush art prints down the line in the shop, also I have not abandoned my pattern book idea... but also have left it on the back burner.

Hopefully the last half of 2016 will produce lots of creative outlets for me... we shall see what the rest of the year brings!

Psst... the Yarn in my Coffee podcast will be making a comeback as well, just haven't planned that out just yet. I need to work on some things still first before I can get back to that... but it's returning!

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