Shop Details + Yarn Porn

The shop is back up and running, still empty till Friday though! Just want to throw this link up on the blog right now, but I will be posting again on Friday when the shop is open and stocked. I will not have a huge inventory on Friday so be aware... in fact it will be rather small.

I will have some new colorways in the shop, including Ahimsa and Wanderlust. I will restock older colorways in another shop update soon, but for now I wanted to relaunch the shop with fresh new colors.

Ahimsa + Wanderlust

Fresh out of the dyepots are two new colorways, Ahimsa and Wanderlust. Well... a sneak peek of Ahimsa, anways. I'll be updating the shop on Friday, haven't decided on a time just yet but I will mention it tomorrow on the blog (as well as IG and FB).

➕ Ahimsa is color blend of periwinkle, limes, and teal splatter.
➕ Wanderlust is the perfect blend of peach, orange, and hot pink.

Yarn Prepping!

Yesterday I got my yarn prepped for the dye pots today, woot! I am dyeing up a brand new colorway and hope to open the shop on Friday. I'm keeping the new colorway a secret, but the name is Ahimsa. With all the hate and violence going on lately, I thought Ahimsa suited my feelings just perfectly. Ahimsa is the practice of non-violence and compassion. This is something I practice deeply and it's often the focus for my yoga practice.

Someone didn't want me to prep yarn though... and wanted to play.

Moon & Gemma Citrine

Yesterday I finished up another monster and I just can't seem to part with him. I was going to list him in the shop next week but he will be staying with me... to be fair,, I don't own any of my own plush, what?! It's true! I always plan to keep one, but then someone tells me how much they love him and I end up letting them go to others. As much as I love my own plush, I can imagine how much joy they bring to others, one of the main reason I love making them. This time, this guy stay with me, haha!

This guy was formally mentioned as High Moon in the past post, but I named him Moon. Short and sweet. I used some neon peach scraps from Madtosh to create this guy and I love it! One of my favorite yarns even, I must make everything in neon peach now.

I'm obsessed with the single head, leggy guys so I think I will switch my plush focus to just these guys for a while. While I love the mermaid monster and siamese monsters, these guys are just too much fun to pose and photograph.

A better picture of Gemma Citrine, the one my daughter claimed (and has renamed him to Lex Mer Monster). I have a hard time photographing the mermaids but in person they are so fun! I just can never capture the right look of them on camera, never the same.

I think I have enough of the Republic of Wool yarn to make a single monster (Julep colorway I used for the mermaid). I also noticed that I'm way low on yarn to use for monsters! I have a ton of Knit Picks Palette that I got a couple years ago after launching an Indigogo campaign (to raise funds to make more monsters) but I have swayed more towards semi solid yarns and prefer high brand yarn... love Madtosh, Republic of Wool, Hedgehog, etc for monsters and of course, my own hand dyed!

I have been on the fence about writing up and releasing the pattern for my bendy monster, they feel so sacred and secret to me so I never released this pattern. I have others available, but this one is just special, so we'll see...

Monster Heads + Patterns

Well, a random monster popped up this week out of no where, totally unplanned. I found a finished aqua colored head in my yarn bag... and he just needed a body! Gemma Citrine, the mermaid monster, was born. I actually finished him up last night but I still need to do a mini photo shoot with him today before I officially introduce him and what inspiration I gathered for this guy.

Today I will be busy bringing some other monsters to life and I hope to start the pieces for a new one from my sketchbook. I found the perfect yarn for a monster I sketched out last year and I'm excited to get hime going! I think I will have a fun photo shoot with these guys next week!

In the pile are pieces for the Siamese Zombie monster, High Moon monster, and Gemme Citrine before I put him together. And yes, I usually call all my monsters "he" but I see them all as gender neutral, sometimes I refer to the same monster as both he/she in different posts.

A couple people have reached out this week for a blog "interview" from me, I love doing these! To request either an "interview" or feature on your blog, please email me direct here:

I have had a couple pattern sales pop up this week in my Ravelry shop and thought I would mention here which patterns I have a available right now and their links! Sometimes I close up sales for a bit and sometimes I keep the patterns open to buy, right now I have these in the shop for a limited time, not sure when they will be closed again... could be tomorrow, could be next month.

** As a reminder, my patterns are for personal use and gifts only, you may not sell the finished monster. It is stated in all my patterns and in the descriptions on each pattern sale page.

→ Mermaid Monster

→ Ice Cream Monster
→ Basic Monster